Services of our portal

Own profile
After registration your own profile will be created, where you can insert, delete and edit information on yourself. It means mainly information on yourself as personality, not on your address, phone or email. These data are confidential and aren’t shown to other users. Communication is proceeds by internal messages (see below).
Spend some time to fulfill your profile completely. Only in that case the rest of users will be able to find you from among others by the number of criteria. Presently it is possible to find out user by almost 100 criteria. If you will not have some of your profile item fulfilled, other user will not find you if he/she will select parameters of this item (mainly high, weight, age, status,...).

Messages and archive
Communication among users runs by text messages that are saved into our server and so you have possibility to see also older messages. This archive of messages is available to you permanently and free.
Into sent messages also emoticons - smileys can be inserted with aim to entertain recipient. Of course, this service is for free too.

Ranking of users
As a registered user you have possibility to evaluate other members. Ranking is based on number of points that you are willing to give other user, and that is from one point (negative ranking) to ten points (positive ranking). Each user you can evaluate just once.
User Rank is number rounded to two decimal places and it can be of value from 1.00 to 10.00, whereas as higher User Rank as better ranking obtained from other users.

Verification of users
Novelty of our services, that you almost couldn’t find elsewhere, is verification of users.
Verified users are more trustful that not verified users. This check means verification of email and phone number of the user.
Any user can ask for verification for free after login into his/her account. Subsequently he/she fills in his/her phone number and verification process will be started up.
Every user can ask for verification just once and this service is generally confined to verification of maximally 50 users per month.
Every user is in the list of users or in the results of searching highlighted by green color and in profile of each user is information if he/she is verified or not.

Photo album
Each registered user has possibility to create own photo album and so insert more photographs into his/her profile.
Number of photographs in the album is not limited but maximal size of all photos together is confined to 10 MB (10240 KB).