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Date of registration: 18.03.2011
Last login: 18.03.2011, 12:00:08
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Age: 46
Sex: Man
State: United States
Country/region: Michigan
City: chesterfield
Height: 136 cm
weight: 77 kg
Figure: Average
Status: Widower/widow
Children: I have and I want more
Occasional sex: No, never
Hair color: Blond
Eyes color: Brown
Education: Doctorate
Smoking: Never
Alcohol: Never
Drugs: Never
Religion: Other
Zodiac: Scorpio (23.10 – 22.11)
Sport: no

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Interests, hobbies
aerobic, fitness, combative sports, tourism, hockey, skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, skating, dancing, skateboarding, mountain-climbing, handball, basketball, football, baseball, golf, tennis, squash, badminton, breeding, painting,

About user
Just a few things about me that you should know.I believe in GOD.The woman that is with me must do the same.HE is first in my life. My wife will be second. There will never be a third woman in my life. i have two kids/boys .I have been married once but i lost her six years ago .I would like to get married for the final time.I want to grow old with her.Sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs watching the grand kids play. Being able to go and see them whenever we have an itch.I want a place big enough to have them visit so we can spoil them and then send them home so their parents can rant and rave.

Do you want to write me?
You should be would be woman at the age from 30 too 60 years.
You should be would be high 120 to 210 cm and weigh 35 - 125 kg.
Presently I am looking for somebody for serious relationship.

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