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Date of registration: 18.07.2010
Last login: 08.03.2012, 22:10:06
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Age: 31
Sex: Woman
State: Slovakia
Country/region: Bratislava V
City: Bratislava
Height: 158 cm
weight: 44 kg
Figure: Slim
Status: Single
Children: In the future I want
Occasional sex:  
Hair color: Dark brown
Eyes color: Green
Zodiac: Leo (23.7 – 22.8)

Language skills
English, Spanish, Slovak, Czech,

Interests, hobbies
running, dancing, tennis, squash, travelling, music, theatre, sex, museums,

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Do you want to write me?
You should be would be man at the age from 33 too 40 years.
You should be would be high 170 to 190 cm and weigh 70 - 90 kg.
Presently I am looking for somebody for anything.

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