General conditions of use

Using portal (just "Portal" below) and utilization of its functions is conditional on keeping of general conditions of use given below (just "GCU" below).

I.     Terms definition
Provider –operator of portal and its subdomains
User – registered physical or legal entity using services of Provider
Portal - www space provided by Provider to User
System – program code, algorithm developed by Provider for purpose of services providing to User
Profile – complex of information inserted by user about himself/herself

II.     Registration
User can register under any login name (if it is not registered yet). It is not allowed to use for registration any vulgar, racist words or words in other way breaking the law of the country the user is login into Portal from.
By registration the user demonstrate that he/she agrees with GCU and he/she will follow them and he/she herewith affirms that he/she is at least 18 years old.
Registration is voluntary but registered User has more rights at Portal using than not registered User. User declares that all information entered during registration as well as all information, added subsequently to Profile, is true and in case of any data change he/she engages to change this information also in his/her Profile at latest in 14 days from the moment of change.

III.     Registration cancellation
Provider reserves the right to cancel registration of the User, including all information about him/her in case that the User breaks any GCU or any valid law.
Also User by himself/herself can ask for registration cancellation. After validation of all needed appropriateness his/her Profile will be cancelled.
Provider has the right to keep some information about the User also after cancellation of his/her registration, mainly IP address, dates and times of login into system, sent and received messages, for unlimited time.

IV.      Rights and duties of the User
User is not allowed to:
- propagate violence and openly or secretly incite to hate on the basis of gender, race, color of skin, language, religion and belief, political or other views, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic group
- propagate war or describe cruelty or other inhuman approach in the way that is unsuitable detraction, excusing or connivance of it.
- openly or secretly propagate alcohol, alcoholism, smoking, narcotics and drugs use or detraction of these substances use
- use vulgarisms, phrases or other word or character expressions with direct or indirect meaning in contradiction with generally acceptable social morals and ethics;
- endanger physical, psychic or moral development of infants
- send entries with erotic content
- propagate child pornography
- openly or secretly propagate political party or its members
- openly or secretly provide advertising to any physical or legal entity and of any products or services
- propagate medicines, narcotics and psychotropic substances
- openly or secretly propagate weapons and ammunition
- publish false, unverified and misguided and deceptive information about other person
User is fully responsible for content and information published at his/her profile as well as at sent messages. User covenants to keep decorum rules as well as to not display any form of advertising or propagation of any products and services including www pages, names and addresses of these third parties. User can use all available services provided by Provider for unlimited time, but at longest until finishing of Provider activity.
User can communicate with other users, send messages and rate others. He/she can ask for cancellation of his/her registration by any reason anytime. User likewise has the right to finish usage of provider services anytime without previous notification.

V.     Insertion of photo
User covenants to insert only photos that he/she has copyright or approval of author for.
He/she will not insert naked, pornographic or other obscene photographs including photos showing violence, narcotics and psychotropic substances, weapons and ammunition or other pictures breaking the valid law. Photograph has to show clearly the face of the User and he/she has to be alone on the photograph or easily distinguishable from others.
No form of advertising is allowed to be on photograph. Advertising in this case is also presence of www page or name of product or service. Provider reserves the right to remove unsuitable photos from profile without previous notification.
Exception to the rules of photographs insertion about User presence on photo is insertion of photos to photo album, where on the photo can be anything according to other general rules.

VI.     Rights and duties of the Provider
Provider is not responsible for prospective physical as well as mental damages that can happen to User.
Provider is not responsible for information about Users or even for sent messages among them. In case of infraction of any rule listed above the Provider can limit access to some functions without previous notification and reasoning, or eventually to cancel registration at all and in case of need the Provider has the right to provide all necessary information about the User to authorities active in criminal proceeding.
Provider doesn’t offer User any guarantee of continuous functionality and error free working of server.
Provider anytime has the right to interrupt providing of his services for limited, unlimited time or forever.

VII.     Change VPP
Provider is allowed to change, edit or update these GCU anytime whereas last version of these conditions stands as valid. User by using of Provider services demonstrates that he/she agrees with this last version of GCU. Provider is not responsible for notification of the Users about GCU change. These conditions are available to Users on Provider web page.

These GCU become valid at 01.12.2009.